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Why you should apply sunscreen to your eye area

The eye area is the area of the face with the most delicate skin. Protecting it from the harmful effects of the sun’s rays is a must if you want to avoid premature signs of ageing such as sagging or wrinkles.

Sunbathing is healthy for our body. It increases our vitality and stimulates the formation of vitamin D, so necessary for good bone health and the digestive system. The sun, however, has harmful rays that, without proper protection, cause premature skin ageing, blemishes and can lead to diseases such as cancer.

As well as avoiding sunbathing when the sun is strongest, you should protect yourself with a good sun protection factor, and not just your face! Don’t forget to apply sunscreen to the eye area in both summer and winter.

In this article we will explain why sunscreen creams for the face and body are different and the importance of sunscreen for the eye area as well.

What will you find in this post?

  • The importance of protecting your face from the sun
  • Differences between sunscreen for the eye, face and body area
  • The importance of protecting the eye contour from the sun
  • How to apply sunscreen to the eye area

The importance of protecting your face from the sun

You need to sunbathe for your health. All the experts agree that 10 minutes on the inside of your forearms without protection is enough. Why should you protect the rest of your body and especially your face and also use sunscreen around your eyes?

The B side of solar radiation is premature ageing of the skin, spots and dehydration when you sunbathe without adequate protection. Wrinkles and skin pigmentation changes due to excess sun radiation can be visible on any part of your body, but where it is most apparent is usually on the face.

What is known as photodamage is also cumulative. The hours you spend in the sun today without protection will be visible in a few years’ time. So regardless of your current age, if you want to avoid premature spots and wrinkles you need sunscreen at any time of the year.

Protecting your skin, especially facial skin, is important, and not just from the sun. There are other factors such as pollution, blue light from the screens of electronic devices, cold, wind or heat that attack the skin on your face every day, dehydrating and ageing it.

Want to know more about the importance of protection? You will find very interesting information about these aggressions that your face suffers both in summer and winter and the importance of choosing the most suitable SPF protection factor in the article “Protect your skin from the sun and other external aggressions”.

Differences between eye, face and body sunscreens

The skin on your face does not have the same density and characteristics as the skin on the rest of your body. It is thinner, more sensitive and oilier. Therefore, cosmetics manufacturers design face creams that are lighter and more easily absorbed to avoid shine and clogged pores, which can lead to blackheads and pimples.

What happens if you use body sunscreen on your face? Because it’s a thicker, greasier cream, you’ll notice a whitish layer on your face that’s a bit uncomfortable and unsightly. It can also clog your pores, preventing your skin from breathing. And you may not be as protected from radiation, as it’s thicker, so you’ll put on less than you need.

Now that you know why you need a specific face cream, let’s ask the big question: Why do you forget to use sunscreen around your eyes?

Your answer is probably that every time you’ve done it, the cream has stung your eyes with sweat or water, right? You should look for a face cream that also allows you to protect this area so sensitive to premature ageing or, failing that, a specific cream for the eye contour with sunscreen.

The importance of protecting the eye contour from the sun

The skin around your eyes is the most sensitive skin on your body. It is where you first start to notice the signs of premature ageing and the appearance of wrinkles, puffiness and sagging.

Eye creams should be part of your daily beauty routine to provide the right hydration, nourishment and protection to this special area of your face. They are ophthalmologically tested to prevent eye discomfort.

Protecting the eye contour from the sun is very easy. You will find products for every age and skin type. In addition, choose one with a high protection factor (SPF50), especially in summer. Especially to avoid the effects of the sun’s harmful rays when you are bathing or sunbathing without sunglasses.

Toskani Sun Protection Cream is an all-in-one face cream that can also be applied to the eye area. With SPF50, Sun Protection Cream is very fluid and designed for all skin types, even the most delicate skin around the eyes.

How to apply sunscreen to the eye area

The eye contour cannot be applied like moisturiser or nourishing cream. You should avoid stretching the skin, as this will cause the area to distend and sag. Eye creams should be applied by gently tapping with the tip of your ring finger in a specific direction to encourage lymphatic drainage.

Would you like to learn how to apply your eye contour like the professionals? Find out here with a detailed diagram of the whole process and avoid the most common mistakes when applying this cream to the most delicate area of our face.

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